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Hancock Fiscal Court meeting

A very light agenda greeted members of the Hancock County Fiscal Court when it met in session at 3 p.m. Monday afternoon. The court approved a budget amendment, agreed to hire employees for the Hancock County Road Department and hire summer help.

The county approved a budget amendment in the amount of $847,073. The money comes from the federal government COVID-19 relief efforts. Treasurer Melissa Johnson said government officials told her the county needed to amend this year’s budget (2020-2021) to receive the funds.  Johnson told the court the county should receive the funds prior to the fiscal year ending on June 30 of this year.

The magistrates also approved the posting of a help wanted ad for the county road department. The road department needs new employees due to being short-handed.

Fiscal Court scheduled a bid opening for the ambulance billing posted several weeks ago. No one tendered a bid for ambulance billing, so fiscal court plans to contact various billing companies and negotiate with the companies on the service.

Fiscal Court also hired several people for summer help this year.

By Ralph Dickerson

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