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Joel White owns the commercial property across from Bill’s IGA in Hawesville, and also the old salvage grocery store location by Poole’s Pharmacy in Lewisport. White purchased the buildings due to their location. Both properties sit in the U.S. 60 corridor, which makes them prime business properties. Recently, he started to make improvements to the building in Hawesville, which led to much speculation on his plans for it.

“I am not going to put a liquor store in there,” White said. “I cannot do that.”
White said when he purchased the property he thought about putting a pharmacy in the building, but he cannot find someone to run the business. He said it is a big liability to operate a pharmacy with all of the drugs and medication in the building, so finding someone trustworthy is crucial, and he cannot find that person.

White had quite a bit of work done on the property to make it attractive to anyone that wants to either rent or buy the site. He had work done on the roof, spruce up done on the interior of the building, and also paved the parking lot. He paved the parking lot to fix it from where crews took out the gas pumps and tanks from the location.

“I think it is a great piece of property,” White said. “I think one I fix it up someone will either want to rent if for a business, or they might want to buy it.”

He said the site in Hawesville is a prime location not only because of the access and utilities available at the site, but because no other such location exists in Hawesville along U.S. 60. The main appeal of the property is its location on U.S. 60.  “It is a great location and the traffic count is high,” White said. “I had somebody inquire about it yesterday (Tuesday).”

White also owns the old salvage grocery store site in Lewisport.  Like the Hawesville property he owns, this site is located on the U.S. 60 corridor and has ample parking available for anyone thinking of putting a business in the building. It sits by Poole’s Pharmacy.

“It is a great location,” White said. “I have had a couple of people inquire about the property.”
He also inquired about purchasing the old Fred’s Pharmacy building located at the intersection with state Route 657 and U.S. 60 in Lewisport. The store closed when an investment company purchased the Fred’s chain of stores a few years ago. White made an offer on the building, but the owners rejected it.
“It’s a good place,” he said.

By Ralph Dickerson


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