Owensboro glass company relocating to Lewisport

A local glass company has felt the lure of Hancock County and is leaving Owensboro to relocate in Lewisport in the county’s industrial park.

Clearview Glass reached an agreement with the county to purchase two acres of land in the industrial park on the west end of Lewisport, with an option to purchase a third.
“We are actually moving our whole outfit to Lewisport,” said Jonathan Roberts, a Lewisport native and project manager for the company.

He and Dan Kinney, president and co-owner of the company, attended Monday’s fiscal court meeting where they announced the agreement to buy two acres at the corner of Bittel Road and McGill Lane for $12,000 per acre.
Currently the company rents space in Owensboro off Highway 54, where they do mostly commercial glass work.

“We focus mostly on the commercial side, like aluminum storefronts, doors, glass entrances, stuff like that,” Roberts said. “A lot of our work can be seen at the Gateway Commons in Owensboro of Highway 54.”
They also do mirrors and custom shower enclosures for homes.
Roberts said he had a little to do with the company moving to Lewisport, but it also just made financial sense.

“I’ve always noticed the industrial park for years, and I’ve always talked about it to Dan,” he said. “It was always a conversation and then whenever Jason Young built, I was like hey, I’ve seen a little bit of development out there, it might be something to look into.
“We got to looking at prices in Owensboro to build a shop on and you’re looking at $60,000- $70,000 an acre, and then I told him about this and we kind of got to talking,” he said.

It wasn’t just that land was cheaper either, it was also the potential of the area.
“Then there’s been some recent other purchases like the old Alcoa plant,” he said. “We’re just seeing a lot more movement in Hancock County… There’s definitely some big investors from Owensboro looking into Hancock County for a reason.”

Clearview will be building a fabrication shop and office space, where it will bring its 11 employees to the new site, which is only about 15 minutes away from their current one.
“… It’s really not that far,” he said. “Plus we travel to Evansville, Bowling Green, Nashville. We do a lot of traveling so an extra 15 minutes really is not too bad.”
Some of the work will actually be closer now, like some fo the new homes being built in Hancock Park.

“The Lee Miller expansion in Hancock Park, we’re doing some of his homes for him,” he said, “so we’ve got a little bit of work already in Hancock County.”
If things go well, he said, the company hopes to break ground in late summer.

By Dave Taylor

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