Phone service goes down in Lewisport

Starting sometime Tuesday phone service in Lewisport went down. Crews managed to restore service by evening, but overnight the service went down again.

“A 10-gig backhaul line between Lewisport and Chicago, Illinois went down,” Missy Kellor, Associate Manager of Communications for TDS, said. “We are trying to determine if the problem is still with the 10-gig line, or if there is something else going on.”

The 10-gig line belongs to AT&T, not TDS, which complicates the problem.

“If the problem lies with the 10-gig line we cannot march in and make repairs to the line because it is their property, not ours,” Kellor said.
Right now both parties continue to actively investigate the problem’s cause. Kellor said until they determine where the problem lies, she cannot even begin to offer an estimate of when service will come back on line. Kellor said she does not think service will stay out for a long period of time.

“Once we determine what the problem is, we will be able to determine when it will be resolved,” Kellor said.

By Ralph Dickerson


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