Woman who pleaded for job, rent money, never showed for job per Oaks administrator


Woman who pleaded for job, rent money, never showed up for new job

By Dave Taylor

The happy ending to the story of a woman who’d pleaded for money for rent and help finding a job isn’t as happy after the facility that offered the woman a job said she never showed up for work.

Emily Cruz contacted the Hancock Clarion in early January saying that she was unable to pay her rent or feed her four children because she hadn’t gotten any stimulus money and was unable to find work. After her story ran on January 14, members of the community paid for her rent for two months and provided food, the office of Representative Brett Guthrie reached out to help with stimulus checks, and The Oaks Personal Care Home offered Cruz a job, which she would start on January 27.

“I’m just really thankful to be honest, because of the help mainly, but I’m so thankful that I got a job,” Cruz said on January 26. “That’s what I’m really thankful about.”

But, she said, three of her children came down with strep throat and pink eye, she said, which would delay the start of her job for a week.

“Well then the week turned into like a week and a half, and then it turned into two weeks,” Oaks administrator Brenda Conner said on Tuesday of this week. “And then it was, ‘I’m going to be there Monday’ and she never did show up or call or anything.”

“I held a job for her for about three weeks,” she said.

It was a disappointing turn in the story for not only Conner but for others at the home, who’d scraped up money and given it to Cruz to give her a boost before she became their coworker.

“We pay minimum wage, 8 and 9 dollars, pretty much at the most, and some of them got together and got up $200 for her and took it to her too,” Conner said. “And here they’re not doing much better than her.”

“But that’s just how we are; that’s who we are,” she said. “I’ve got a bunch of good Christian women working for me and they’re just good girls.”

The job was within walking distance of Cruz’s apartment, but she wouldn’t have had to walk at all, Conner said.

“We would’ve stopped by and picked her up or left work to come get her, whatever she needed,” she said.

Conner said she tried calling several times to get Cruz started on the job but she was only given reasons why she couldn’t be there.

“The one day she told me she said she couldn’t come to work because she was going to get some free stuff that somebody gave her,” she said. “And I told her, I said honey you might want to schedule that later and get in here and get started on your job because you’ve got to be trained and stuff.”

“I think the way she was talking, you know she couldn’t work because she had to go get this or that, that people helped her out quite a bit I think,” she said. “Maybe too well because she didn’t want to come to work.”

Conner said that she had some worries that Cruz might not follow through but she put those worries aside to offer help to someone who said they needed it.

“Not everybody’s like that, and I was really hoping she wouldn’t be,” she said. “I was hoping she’d show up and really like her job. I’ve got people that’s been there for 15 years they like their jobs so much.”

But that’s not how it went.

“I just felt like she took advantage of a lot of people, you know,” she said.

The Clarion called Cruz for comment, multiple times, but never received a call back.





  1. Emily Cruz on February 17, 2021 at 11:19 pm

    This is Emily cruz that story is so not true i have limited phone minutes ,mrs conner told me if i couldnt come in after my kids got re sick she would have to find someone else, so i assume thats what she did,my kids got sick again what can you do in emergencies please tell me. ive been good to everyone in this community me and my kids are just going through alot

  2. Emily Cruz on February 17, 2021 at 11:40 pm

    I have a very poor signal in the area i live in. My name is Emily Cruz and i far from used anyone in the community nor did i take advantage. My kids come first. I had no one but myself to take care of them when they got re sick. I did show up for the oaks job but when my kids got re sick and i called and told mrs conner. she said she would have to find someone else so i assumed thats what she did. Im wondering what 200 dollars is spoken of and two months rent because only 1 month rent was taken care of im still one month behind.I didnt get any stimulus checks which is 100 percent true .My kids and i have been through living hell with sickness and poverty and are still suffering.I live to work i just couldnt help my kids getting sick.I have been nice and generous to everyone in this community when i had los ramirez open. Me and my kids just hit a hard spot, nothing more nothing less and i hope the community understands.

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