Winter Weather Advisory issued for KYTC District 2

Winter Weather Advisory issued for KYTC District 2

State forces will report at 9:00 p.m. tonight

MADISONVILLE, Ky. (Feb. 14, 2021) – The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet (KYTC) District 2 Office advises motorists to be aware of the forecasted weather for the next 24 hours. Snow showers will begin later this evening and continue through  Monday evening with possible accumulations of 6 – 8 inches.

Stay home if travel is not necessary. 

Crews will need to remain focused on A routes in an effort to keep primary corridors open to traffic for emergency service vehicles.

Priority A routes include critical state routes and those most heavily traveled, such as interstates and main roads between counties or to hospitals, which receive the highest priority for snow-clearing efforts. Priority B and C routes include other important but lesser-traveled state routes.

Temperatures are expected to drop to mid-teens overnight, closer to 0 for the northern counties. The materials used on the highways to help clear snow and ice from the surface of the road do not work at the tempartures currently forecasted.

Information about KYTC snow & ice removal efforts:

You are an important part!  Safe travel begins with YOU!

Be prepared:

The following measures will help keep motorists safe and prepared:

  • Put yourself in emergency mode
  • Pay attention to weather advisories. Weather will impact your commute on some level
  • Travel only as necessary during major snow events. It’s better to be stuck at home than to be stuck on the road
  • Maintain a safe distance from snowplows and other heavy highway equipment
  • Do not pass snowplows on the shoulder
  • Allow time for a slower commute
  • Winterize vehicles
  • Supply vehicles with blankets, flash light and an emergency supply kit
  • Know before you go. Visit and download the free Waze app to check traffic conditions before you travel
  • Eliminate distractions (e.g. operating phone and eating) while driving
  • Cooperate with the expectations of the Quick Clearance law, which requires drivers to move vehicles to the shoulder in the event of a non-injury crash


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