Hancock County Fiscal Court, January 11, 2021

The members of the Hancock County Fiscal Court met Monday, January 11 and took the following actions:

• Approved the minutes of the December day meeting.
• Approved the occupational tax report, which showed total taxes collected year to date of $2,195,498.14, about $320,000 higher than last year at the same time.
• Damian Rice gave the ambulance report that showed an outstanding balance owed to the county of $113,306.
• Approved the treasurer’s report, which showed a balance in the bank of $5,318,105.38, which is up about $1.3 million over the same time last year.
• Approved the jailer’s report for December, which showed $127 in jail fees and $790 in home incarceration fees collected, for a total of $917 for the month.
• Lona Morton gave the senior services report and said she’s looking to hire a part-time driver for meal deliveries with increased numbers of recipients of the meals.
• Approved the career center report that showed county unemployment at 5.3 percent in November.
• Approved the claims for payment.
• Ronnie Edge gave the road department report.
• Approved the animal shelter report that said that the shelter would be empty on Monday.
• Mike Baker gave the industrial foundation report. He said that although the county’s unemployment was higher than the state’s, the county’s jobs numbers had stayed pretty consistent. He said the foundation has continued to work on improving the internet in the county.


• Passed Resolution 2021-01, to obtain federal funds for the purchase of two generators for the Dukes fire department and Hancock County rescue squad. The generators will cost $27,225, of which the county will only have to pay $3,549. The rest will be paid by the state, $3,276, and federal government, $20,400.
• Discussed filling an empty seat on the library board with either Michael Swihart or James Harlan. The magistrates voted to approve Swihart and keep Harlan on the list for a future opening.
• Signed a memorandum of agreement with the state for additional COVID-19 relief funds of $100,580.19, which the county was allowed to do after it showed that it had exhausted its original allotment of around $296,000 on virus-related expenses.
• Approved the purchase of a John Deere skid steer for $64,903.73 and a Blue Diamond milling attachment for $19,964, with the possibility of adding a sweeper attachment later.
• Approved hiring Tabitha Adkins as the treasurer’s assistant.
• Approved moving Hunter Stanley from part-time to full-time paramedic.
• Approved an annual order of affiliation with the rescue squad.
• Approved the sheriff’s 2021 estimated budget.
• Approved the county clerk’s 2021 estimated budget and salary cap.
• Voted to continue offering up to 84 hours of paid leave for COVID-19 for EMS, which was part of the CARES Act that has now expired. The policy will be revisited every month.
• Approved the purchase of a shipping container to use for storage at the EOC, for $2,789.
• Discussed the vaccine rollout and when different groups would be able to get shots.

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  1. Jacob Haycraft on January 21, 2021 at 1:53 am

    Really glad to see this “He said the foundation has continued to work on improving the internet in the county.” The county is long overdue for internet that competes with surrounding areas! Cant wait to hear more news on this

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