Elderberry, strongest Anti-Viral in nature

Elderberry is a powerful traditional remedy. It is considered the strongest Anti-Viral in nature. The berries and flowers are used as medicine and the leaves, root and bark are toxic. If you do your research and /or check with your doctor and decide to try it, Elderberry can be taken as tea, supplement or syrup.

If you decide to try the Elderberry Syrup, make sure it is a brand that contains minimal added sugar. The dosage is: 1-4 tsp. a day and it is safe for children over one year of age. It is a an Immune Tonic. It boosts the Immune System. So, it is beneficial to take before and during cold and flu season. It can decrease the length of a cold by 30 percent or more. It is a virus and cold inhibitor.

When you take it at the onset of illness, it may help shorten the duration as well as easing the symptoms. It can be combined with other immune boosting herbs, such as Echinacea. 
The berries are rich in Flavenoids, minerals and vitamins such as: Potassium, Vitamin A, B6 and Vitamin C. One cup of Elderberries contains 52 mg. of Vitamin C. It also provides Calcium, Iron, Folate and Fiber.

Here are some of the health benefits of Elderberry: Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Rheumatic, Antioxidant, Antiviral, Anti-Cancer, Balances Blood Sugar, Regulates Glucose Metabolism, Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Chemo-Protectant (protects the Liver before and after Chemotherapy), Promotes the Immune System (and therefore, Overall health), Aids Weight Loss, Lowers Stress, Regulates Cholesterol Levels, Boosts Circulation, Regulates Blood Pressure, Reduces Risk of Heart Disease, Treats Acne, Reduces Risk of Osteoporosis, Improves Hair Health and Improves Brain Health.
 Be Well and God Bless You.

By Jennifer Wimmer

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