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Car hits bicycle
A bicyclist suffered minor injury after being hit by a car Monday morning. The accident happened three miles west of Lewisport on state Route 334. Hancock County Sheriff Dale Bozarth filed the accident report.
Dennis Clark, of Maceo, KY told Bozarth that as he rode his bicycle west on state Route 334 a Ford Focus driven by Garrett Gilliam of Hawesville, Ky hit him. Clark told Bozarth he was on the right edge of the westbound lane of travel when Gilliam’s car hit him. Hancock County EMS provided first aid at the scene and later transported Clark to Owensboro Health Regional Hospital for treatment.

Gilliam told Bozarth as he drove west in his 2016 Ford Focus, he suddenly came upon Clark and tried to go into the other lane to pass him by. Gilliam said he encountered a truck coming at him in the eastbound lane of travel, and pulled his vehicle back into the westbound lane, striking the bicycle. Witness Kirk Shearn, of Lewisport, told Bozarth he was going west on state Route 334 behind Gilliam and did not see an eastbound truck.

Gilliam’s car sustained moderate to severe damage, but did not require a tow.

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  1. Wendy Patton on October 18, 2020 at 1:42 pm

    I do Not consider 1 broken leg, the other one is fractured. 2 broken arms, a fractured neck among other injuries minor injury!! He required at least 2 surgeries. He remains in the hospital in the rehabilitation wing for at least 2 weeks maybe longer!

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