America’s Favorite Pet Contest

This is Elliot.

Elliot belongs to Debby Dowell of Lewisport, Kentucky and has been entered for the America’s Favorite Pet Contest sponsored by or Progressive Animal Welfare Society that helps domestic and wild animals find homes or relocate wildlife back into their natural habitat.  Elliot currently is in the top five out of the nationwide contest. He will be one year old November 18th. Elliot’s mom was a rescue cat. He was one unique cat out of a litter of four of which the other three have found new homes.  “But I couldn’t give up Elliot because he was too unique,” said Debbie.  Two of the others went to Lutz, Florida to live with my son, Adam and Nicole, and one went to Owensboro to live with my niece, Candice.

Elliot was entered because his fur pattern resembles a mustache which is why I named him after the actor Sam Elliot. The questions on the contest consist of his favorite toy, his favorite treat, and why should he be America’s favorite pet?

He loves to play with his cloth toy mouse which he fetches for hours. His favorite treats are Temptations and Pringles, and he should be the favorite pet because of his unique face, he’s absolutely eye-catching fur pattern, and he’s a picture of beauty and has the personality to match.

The ending date of the contest has not been announced, but voting is still open on Facebook. The prizes include Elliot being the front page model of Catster Magazine, $5000 cash, and other possible modeling opportunities. “My friends on Facebook and my coworkers at the middle school have been very supportive by voting everyday and sharing about Elliot’s contest,” said Debbie.

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