The Birds and the Bee’s

An Interview With Author Neena Gaynor
By Debra Gaynor

I recently had the opportunity to interview author Neena Gaynor. Her debut book The Bird and the Bees was published in April. She was all smiles as we discussed her book. The Bird and the Bees is a Christian Contemporary Romance novel with a bit of suspense thrown in; the reader will find a strong thread of faith and the flirtations and frustrations of a relationship. The setting was inspired by MS Gaynor’s life; “ Much of my own life was an inspiration for the story, but primarily the novel’s dual settings. I grew up in the foothills of eastern Kentucky. The mountains of Appalachia are organically beautiful and mysterious. When the main character is propelled out of her hometown to Pennsylvania, I drew upon my memories as a newlywed and the years Wade and I spent on Lake Erie with professional baseball. “
Her family has been very supportive, “I’ve wanted to write a book for as long as I can remember. My husband was the one who encouraged me to put the dream into action. That’s what happens when you marry a professional athlete—they’ve spent their life pursuing a dream, and their accomplishments take work. Wade is a wonderful motivator. “ Her husband, Wade, is not the only one standing behind her, “My family is very encouraging. They’re also great for suggestions with my weekly column…especially the boys. They think every week should have an update from them, either of their fishing adventures or a dinosaur fact. “
The book took approximately one year to write and it took approximately a year from the time she found a publisher. When asked about her work schedule MS Gaynor replied, “My work schedule is motherhood. I’ve been blessed with the beautiful vocation of being Mom to two young boys and wife to Wade. Those roles are my greatest joys. When the day is finished (and if I’ve got any energy at all left!), that’s when I’m relaxing with writing.
The novel has strong a strong Christian message concerning choices. “I wanted to show readers that we are all offered a choice in life, that no matter the circumstances, there is always a life-giving, Christ-like decision.  “ Neena began writing in 2013 for the Women’s Division of Baseball Chapel. “Baseball Chapel is an organization that ministers to professional baseball players and their families. It was when I first discovered the joy and satisfaction of using a talent for the glory of God. …There are only so many words in a novel. Mine was 65,000. That seems like a lot, but when the goal is to encourage the reader to fall deeper in love with our Lord, I didn’t know where to begin (or end!). I knew I needed to focus on a main message—the wonders of His love. Even still, that’s a topic that could fill a library…Writing The Bird and the Bees took off when I determined the what I wanted readers to glean from the gritty story of Larkin. The theme of the book is the power of choice. I believe much of our lives are a result of the choices we make, big and small. What we are experiencing right now with the coronavirus points to the fact that there are some things in life we would never choose. I still believe we determine our response, and the best response is always to choose Jesus. Choose Him in the moment. Choose Him every day. “

We wish Neena Gaynor the best of luck with her new novel, The Bird and the Bees.

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