Fiscal Court Actions

The Hancock County Fiscal Court met Monday morning via teleconference and took the following actions:

  • Approved the minutes of the April night meeting.
  • Approved the occupational tax administrator’s report that showed $3,022,804.47 collected year to date, which is down a little bit compared to last year at the same time.
  • Approved the ambulance report that showed an outstanding balance of $101,634, which is a little higher than normal.
  • Approved the emergency management report and discussed the sole COVID-19 case as of Monday.
  • Approved the treasurer’s reports for March and April. March’s report showed $4,578,167.45 in the bank, which was down a little over the previous year, but the April report showed $4,784,343.14, which was up a little over last year.
  • Approved the jailer’s report for April that showed a total of $495 in home incarceration fees collected and $75 in jail fees for a total of $570.
  • Approved the career center report, which showed March unemployment at 4 percent, which is expected to increase substantially due to shutdowns over the pandemic.
  • Approved the claims for payment.
  • Approved the road department report.
  • Approved the parks department report.
  • Discussed the potential dates for reopening public parks, but said they need more input from the state on how to open ball fields for sports with restrictions on numbers of groups of people.
  • Roberts said the county is tentatively planning to open the Administration Building to the public on May 26. He said he’s hoping that youth sports and camping can begin in June.
  • Discussed the Fourth of July celebration, which most magistrates said they’d prefer to plan to have on July 4 unless something else changes.
  • Discussed potentially putting summer student workers on the job in June if they can figure out a way to let them work and travel to and from different locations while following coronavirus restrictions.
  • Read the animal shelter report that showed the shelter was empty as of Friday.
  • Read the industrial foundation report and discussed Envision Modular and said they’re still working on the former Alcoa building.
  • Approved Resolution 2020-05, a revised road aid agreement for $629,967.11, which was down about $80,000 from the number the state had estimated in January.
  • Approved the replacement of the air conditioning unit in the career center dependent on the bid coming in around $6,000 as opposed to repairing it for $3,000. The unit at the EOC will cost $2,000 to repair and the court will look at the costs to replace it after bids are in.
  • Planned to open the bids for a new cruiser for the sheriff’s department but the court didn’t receive any bids. The court will run bid advertisements again.
  • Discussed opening county buildings on May 26, not counting the senior citizens centers, which will open later.
  • Held the first reading of the tentative budget for the upcoming fiscal year and placed it in the minutes, to be potentially changed and approved in the June meeting.
  • Lona Morton gave the senior service director’s report and said that the county had increased the numbers of home delivered meals with extra money from the state. The increase in deliveries meant an added route in Lewisport, which is being covered by a volunteer, who can only volunteer till June 1. Morton asked about hiring someone for a temporary position while they assess those on the home delivery list to determine who qualifies to continue getting them after the pandemic is over. Morton said she is applying for a United Way grant to help cover the costs.

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