Governor changes unemployment insurance procedures

In response to the rise in unemployment caused by actions taken to combat the coronavirus, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear announced changes to the state’s unemployment insurance program. People filing unemployment claims must follow a schedule enacted by the state to begin the process. The new procedure now goes by a person’s last name.
The filing days start on Sunday and end on Friday, according to a press release dated Friday, March 20. People with last names beginning with A through D file on Sundays, E through H on Monday, I through L on Tuesday, M through P on Wednesday, Q through U on Thursday and V through Z on Friday. Also, Fridays are for people that missed filing on their scheduled day. Unemployment insurance services are available via computer or phone, according to a press release from Governor Beshear.
“My obligation is to keep people safe during this time,” Beshear said in the press release. “I realize many of the steps I am taking to protect Kentuckians during the COVID-19 emergency are affecting employers and workers financially.
“Temporarily waiving some of the UI (unemployment insurance) benefit rules during this time is one step I can do to help protect Kentuckians financially. I know this is a difficult time but we are going to get through this by working together to help each other.”
In the same press release Beshear announced the closing of Kentucky Career Centers throughout the state in an effort to combat the spread of COVID-19. Though closed to the public, the centers are not shut down. The press release said center workers provide help either by telephone or video conferencing.
The number to call for unemployment insurance or career center services is 270.686.2502. The unemployment insurance help line is 502.564.2900.

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