Keown reaches for the stars, finds love, new life in Sweden

By Dave Taylor

The 2019 version of Jared Keown is very similar to the 2010 version. He’s fresh out of school, he’s into playing sports, and the people around him speak with funny accents. Now Dr. Keown, with a Ph.D. in astrophysics and living in Sweden, he’s also worlds away from the Hawesville baseball and basketball player who wanted to be an athletic director when he grew up.

But along the way he learned that the world had much more to offer than he ever realized.

“When I went to U of L I entered as a sport administration major, because I played sports in high school, thought I might want to be an athletic director at a university or something like that,” Keown said.

Go to Archives and select 11/7/2019 issue of the Hancock Clarion for the full story.

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