Fred’s Pharmacy to close August 13

By Dave Taylor

Fred’s Pharmacy in Lewisport will be closed on August 13, according to store employees.

Despite a press release on July 12 announcing the closure of 129 stores including Lewisport in the list of stores that will continue operating, employees at the local location have been given notice that the store is closing, but they’ve not been told much else.

“They haven’t had a press release about this yet,” said Adria Eubanks, a pharmacist at the store. “I got a call from my district manager on Friday afternoon that CVS was buying 38 stores’ files and drugs, and that our store transfer would happen on August 13.”

“So that means they would close the store, all the files would be transferred to CVS, and we’re unemployed,” she said.

Eubanks said that despite rosy forecasts in the company’s recent press release, she has foreseen a darker outcome since the majority of the company’s shares were bought out by a hedge fund.

“So essentially what they’re doing is what hedge funds do,” she said. “They’re cutting the company in parts and selling it off to pay off debts.”

The lack of transparency by the company is maddening too, she said, because they’re not following the proper procedures.

“According to the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy they have to post notice of who’s buying the files, where they’ll be transferred, and the official closing date 30 days prior, which they’ve not done,” she said.

Eubanks and her fellow employees have been trying to get more information from the company with no success, but they’re continuing to do their jobs each day while the end looms.

“They just call and drop that bomb and then you’re just left to try to put on a happy face and do your job every day,” she said. “It’s hard. It’s hard for our customers too.”

A conference call was scheduled for Wednesday afternoon at 2 p.m. for the 38 additional stores affected by the closures, but it didn’t end before press time.

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